Ionia Free Fair
317 S. Dexter Street, Ionia
JULY 12th-21st, 2018
 The 10 BEST days of Summer!   

Upcoming Events
This year's theme for our fair parade will honor the star of the show; The animals.  If we didn't have our 4H and the youth of our fair we wouldn't be a fair, we would only be a festival.  
The 2017 Grand Opening Parade Saturday, July 15.
"It's not a fair if we're not there!"
You must be a sponsor or non profit to join in the fun as a parade entry at no charge.  Not a sponsor but still interested?  Click here
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***************TOSSING OF CANDY WILL NOT BE PERMITTED**************
Please give a brief description and photo (if possible) to be used by the parade committee and the announcers.  Additional entry information may be attached.  
Final parade instructions will be sent to parade entries the week of July 4, 2017. 

**All parade entries will be reviewed and approved prior to participation in the 2017 Ionia Free Fair Parade.  The Ionia Free Fair Assoiciation reserves the right to deny any application with or without cause. 
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