Agricultural Benefit

Ribbon cutting at the NEW dairy barn!

What is the Ag Benefit?

In 2013, Ag Benefit began with a goal to raise enough money to bring the Draft Horse Show back to the fair. The benefit was a success! The committee decided to continue with the idea of Ag Benefit, with hopes to have a new project each year that would contribute to the agricultural aspect of the fairgrounds.

A dinner is held annually between January and February. This event has raised over $100,000 in the past eight years. Thanks to the generosity made by many businesses and individuals. (THANK YOU!!) Most of those improvements have directly benefited our 4-H and FFA members and their projects.

Some of the past project improvements include; donations for the new dairy barn; painting, lighting and paving of our rabbit barn; and improvements in the Miracle of Life display. There has been plumbing, electrical, and ventilation upgrades in the big livestock barn. Along with improvements to the horse arena and barn, the goat barn, and with a few other projects.

In 2021 we are raising money to buy 100 new Sheep and Meat Goat pens. The cost is $350 per pen. Each donor will have a nameplate attached to the pen(s) they purchase.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of all involved and look forward to what the future may hold. If you’re interested in joining our Agricultural Benefit Committee please contact Keith Hesche at for more information


The Ionia Free Fair Board along with the Ag Benefit committee, Barn Committee, and Sale Committee have all been working together to improve our big Livestock Barn. This year one of our big projects is to tear out the old pens where the sheep and meat goats are located and replace them with new movable steel pens. Our goal is to purchase 100 new pens at $350 each.