The midway!

It all happens here!

Take a stroll down the magnificent Arnold Amusements Midway to experience the Ionia Free Fair at its most electric! Open your senses to the sounds, smells and sights of the fair, feel the energy created by the crowd.

Arnold Amusements Inc. is a family owned and operated carnival company with over 40 rides and attractions that are sure to thrill your entire family.  For more information on ride requirements or to learn more about the Arnold Family visit their website by using the link below.

Thrills For Fairgoers of Any Size

From arms-in-the-air, catch-your-breath high-intensity thrill rides to something perfect for the littlest fairgoer, the Ionia Free Fair has the rides that make you want to come back for all ten days! Arnold attractions, America’s largest carnival attraction company, brings the fun with the perfect choice of rides and games to bring out the kid in just about anyone.

There's no wrong way to enjoy fair food

Whether you’re craving deep fried oreos, delicious funnel cake, craft beer or just the classic dog with the works, the Ionia Free Fair is the only place to find it all. Your favorites, served up with flair — only at the Fair.

Top-Class acts, pulse-pounding shows!

You don’t have to travel far to experience the best musical acts and most exciting shows. motocross, monster trucks, national musical acts and much, much more can be found only at the Ionia Free Fair.

4H - Agriculture and livestock

Want to Join 4-H?

4-H is open to all youth 5-19 years of age.

Involvement in 4-H provides many opportunities for members to gain skills in leadership, responsibility, and civic engagement in order to be successful throughout their lifetime.

4-H provides a variety of experiences to learn and grow personal interests such as crafts, to community service, to entrepreneurship, to animals.

4-H members join clubs that interest them. They attend club meetings and club events throughout the year. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OWN AN ANIMAL. There are many different clubs that are not involved with animals or that you can learn about animals without having one of your own.

Please visit the website to learn more:…

For 4-H questions, contact Ionia MSU Extension Office at (616) 527-5357

Open Class

A Different Kind of Live Show

Open Class Exhibits are available for ANYONE to enter. Please see the departments listed for requirements and general information.

**Any premium checks not cashed within 180 Days of issuance will be considered a donation back to the Ionia Free Fair.**
Quick Questions…Contact Kim at