Exhibitor Entry & Class Information

From horses & rabbits to needlepoint & photography, fairs have always been about presenting your talents and skills for all to view. Check out our available categories in 4-H and Open. 

Fair entry is open to register.  Click on the link

Show Us What You Got!



We will have a Youth Fair instead, all shows and sales will proceed as usual just not under the umbrella of 4-H.

Our youth show is open to all youth 5-19 years of age. Involvement provides many opportunities for members to gain skills in leadership, responsibility, and civic engagement in order to be successful throughout their lifetime.

Youth classes provide a variety of experiences to learn and grow personal interests such as crafts, to community service, to entrepreneurship, to animals.

Members join clubs that interest them. They attend club meetings and club events throughout the year. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OWN AN ANIMAL. There are many different clubs that are not involved with animals or that you can learn about animals without having one of your own. Please click here to learn more

Open Class

A Different Kind of Live Show

Open Class Exhibits are available for ANYONE to enter. Please see the departments listed below for requirements and general information.

**Any premium checks not cashed within 180 Days of issuance will be considered a donation back to the Ionia Free Fair.**

Quick Questions…email us fairexhibitors@ioniafreefair.com


Rules: there are a few rules.....

  1.  Please remember that this fair especially on the Exhibitor side, is mostly run by volunteers.  They put time into this program ALL year long, not just the 10 days of fair, so please be respectful and maybe even thank them for putting in the time.
  2. The decisions of the fair board and the fair Executive Director or Fair/Grounds manager are final.  You are welcome to put in your opinion, but their final decision is the rule whether it is written or not.
  3. The isle ways of the barns/buildings for exhibitors whether an animal or an object, need to be kept clear of debris, fans, hoses, equipment etc to allow for the Guests to be safe in visiting the barns/buildings.  This means, especially with fans, that there should be no fans on the gates/panels of the animals pens that are at the isle.  This is a safety issue with children and them wanting to pet the animals and the fans being right there.  You are welcome to hang them from the rafters, wood boards between posts, from the side panels of the pens where they can not be reached etc.
  4. No pens are to be moved around or changed in any way except with permission from the superintendent of that species or the fair board or officers – There will be a $100 fine assesed for moving them.
  5. This is not a final list of rules …. if something needs to be addressed or changed or a new rule made, we have the ability and authority at any time to add to this list.  
  6. Please allow the children to have fun… this is for them.