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Ionia free fair
has a lot to offer


The Ionia Free Fair is a non-stop adventure! Thrill on classic rides for the whole family. Walk the Midway packed with games, treats and sights to see. Head to the Grandstand and stages for pulse-pounding shows and first-class entertainment. Experience craft and culture in the barns and the beer garden alike. The Ionia Free Fair has something to make everyone smile.

Featured Days!

The Ionia Free Fair Featured Days include Senior/Wellness Day, Kids’ Day, COPS Day, Veterans’ Day, and Ladies Day with special events and promotions for each day.

Upcoming Events!

We're sorry. It seems there isn't anything to show right now. Please check back again later!

Fairground Map & Visitor Guide!

We definitely understand if you want to wander. The fair is the perfect place to follow your senses and get lost in it all. For those who prefer to have a plan, however, check out our fairground map and handy visitor guides to make it your fair and create the perfect Ionia Free Fair visit.